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So What Else is wrong in PA??

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Sat Mar 26 2011, 08:20pm Print
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To All:   Just an inkling of government waste in PA.   Vic
3.23.11 Dear CF Friend: Let's face it: As an intern, you get stuck doing things that nobody else wants to do. I expected this when I joined CF. Between shining Matt Brouillette's shoes, brewing Charles Mitchell's coffee every morning at 8:37, and updating Nate Benefield's eHarmony profile, it hasn't been all that bad. I figured these menial tasks were all just part of the job. I mean, if I'm going to be a state policy guru someday, I had to start somewhere. But the task they assigned me in mid-December....well, it took things to a whole new level. In conjunction with our new Streamlining Government report, the research team assigned me the task of charting all of the various government bodies within the commonwealth. I originally thought I could find an easy-to-read chart graphic in a matter of minutes. But no, the complexity of Pennsylvania's state government exceeded my wildest dreams. After weeks of scouring overlapping and downright confusing Web sites, I finally managed to chart the 343 entities of Pennsylvania's state government. You can see my chart (and me) in the picture to the right. It was a daunting task, mapping the tangled web of departments, boards, commissions, committees, sub-committees, agencies, authorities, councils, offices, programs, and task forces in Pennsylvania. It was thought provoking—even chuckle inducing—as I came across some ridiculous-sounding bodies, like the "Elevator Advisory Board" or the "Snowmobile and ATV Advisory Council." And many entities seemed to derive their names from a George Orwell novel, for example the "Climate Change Advisory Committee" or the "Tax Equalization Board." I would never wish this project on anyone, but it will be worth the coffee and frustration if this chart helps people to realize that our government is way, way too big. That's why all of us here at CF, from the intern to the big boss man, are proud to be... Fighting for Your Freedom,

Nicholas A. Fett

Research Intern
P.S. For a size comparison, I'm 6'3" and an athletic 200 pounds, and each box in the picture is written in size 10 font.

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